NE Anti Slip Solutions

The invisible solution to wet, slippery floors



What it does.


NE Anti Slip Solutions: is designed to increase the coefficient of friction on a variety of flooring materials, for example tiles or Terrazzo, porcelain/enamel bath tubs and shower trays by creating micro pores in the surface which create a vacuum effect when walked on in a wet condition and thereby considerably improving the traction and seriously reducing the risk of slipping

How it does it.


NE Anti Slip Solutions will create micro pores in natural materials and manufactured products that are a fusion of materials bound with cement or clay including: concrete, quarry tiles, ceramic, marble, terrazzo, granite, slate, stone, porcelain and enamel finished bath tubs and shower trays.

There is no significant change in the appearance of many types of surfaces treated with Anti Slip Solution, is not a coating that can wear down or peel off. It is a treatment process that reacts with the material itself to produce an invisible and lasting effect.

The Facts


NE ANTI SLIP SOLUTIONS: for tiles, floors and other surfaces that are slippery when wet. HSL reports on wet surface a 1 / 1,000,000 chance of slip


The HSE states "Floors need to have enough grip for pedestrians to walk safely, but what does this mean? Grip is measured as ‘Coefficient of Friction’. For safe pedestrian walking on the level this should be 0.36," It also says “it’s no good testing a clean and dry floor then expecting it to be slip resistant in the wet."


The workplace regulations 1992 requires floor surfaces to not expose any person to a safety risk.

Reduces the risk and dangers of slips and falls and the resultant potential of personal injury.


Health and Safety Executive figures show that 95% of major slips result in broken bones and they can also be the initial cause for a range of other types of accident such as a fall from height.


The cost of slips and falls to employers is estimated to be £512 million per year (lost production and other costs)


Fast food outlets, nursing homes, restaurants, shopping centres, supermarkets, office buildings, banks, hospitals, hotels, sports centres, pools and spas, country clubs, schools and colleges are just a selection of facilities that would benefit from NE Anti Slip Solutions


Important: When NE Anti Slip Solutions is applied to unglazed, low polished or white enamel surfaces there is very little or no change in the appearance of the original material but when applied to glazed or highly polished surfaces there will be some loss of shine depending on the quality and hardness of the particular surface. When a whole area is treated any reduction in shine does not become so noticeable.


Can be used on most types of hard surfaces such as ceramic tiles, slate, terrazzo, quarry tiles, marble, stone, concrete and enamel baths and showers trays.



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